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“With Amazing Innovation.. Greatly Improved Sound Quality, Sophisticated Groove Teaching Tools, & The Most Advanced Snare Yamaha Has Ever Developed Make The DTXpress IV The Most Powerful DTXpress Kit Yet.!!”

Yamaha DTXpress IV Special Electronic Drum Set Review

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Price: $1,299.99 (currently priced/price may change)
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The Yamaha DTXPRESS IV Special Electronic Drum Set has a 30-day FULL money back guarantee.

Brand: Yamaha
Model #: DTXpress
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About The Product:
The same technology that powers every Yamaha musical instrument finds its way into the DTXpress IV Special Electronic Drum Set which comes with an easy to use module.  This includes high quality sounds sampled from the best quality acoustic drum sets.  Most of the samples are taken from the popular Yamaha Motif synthesizers which include 427 drum and percussion voices, plus 22 keyboard voices.

The DTXP4 as it is popularly referred to, comes with a Click feature which includes 6 programmed sounds and one user voice. It has a memory capacity for 30 preset tempo and pattern combinations.  The Yamaha Groove Check feature also allows you to hone your timing skills; you can also build your own combination with a built-in sequencer with 63 preset and 20 user songs. Another impressive feature is the tunable TP100 snare pad which comes with a controller that regulates snare tension, pitch and tempo. The DTXP4 is mountable on a sturdy RS85 rack with snake cable connectors appropriately labeled for easy assembly and pack-ups.


Product Specifications: The Yamaha DTXpress IV Drum Set includes the following standard specifications:

  • Basic Set-Up includes the following –
    3 TP65 single zone pads, one TP100 3-zone snare pad with controller knob, one PCY150S 3-zone pad, one PCY130SC 3-zone pad, one PCY130 single-zone pad, one RHH130 stereo hi-hat controller, hi-hat stand, rack.
  • Dual voice capability
  • 16,000  note capacity; 96 PPQ note resolution
  • Training Functions: Measure Break, Groove Check, Rhythm Gate
  • MIDI out, Output L/mono, R Phones, AUX in, Hihat Controller
  • DC 12V/AC adaptor model PA-3C Power Supply
  • Product Weight: 92 pounds
  • Labelled Snake Cable Connectors


Our Verdict: Greatly improved sound quality, sophisticated groove teaching tools, and the most advanced snare Yamaha has ever developed make the DTXpress IV the most powerful DTXpress kit yet. If you are a drummer or aspiring to be one, and you do not have much space for an acoustic set, the DTXpress IV perfectly suits your needs.  It even allows you to play or practice late at night without disturbing your neighbors with its silent mode headphone function. You beat on the pads yet hear the sounds only from your headset!

Amazing innovation that allows you hours and hours of honing your drumming skills. It even has the Groove Check function which tracks and works on your drumming accuracy and striking precision. Its a valuable tool for aspiring drummers… small and compact, yet professionally designed and loaded with state of the art features.

Yamaha DTXplorer Electronic Drum Set

“Want a Valid Substitute For Acoustic Drums? The Yamaha DTXplorer Electronc Drum Set Is Best Suited For Those With Limited Space Or Beginners!! Take A Look At This Electronic Drum Kit Below…”


Yamaha DTxplorer Electronic Drum Review

Over All Rating:
Price: $599.99 (currently priced/price may change)
Return Policy:

The Yamaha DTXplorer Electronic Drum Kit has a 30-day FULL money back guarantee.

Brand: Yamaha
Model #: DTxplorer
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About The Product:
Just by its looks, the Yamaha DTXplorer is one full-featured 5 piece configured drum set you would love to own.  Its sleek, compact, and has this ultra-modern minimalist look which will keep you amazed at how much it can hold when it comes to features and functions.  It included high impact rubber pads with a natural feel and rebound and the mounting rack is ribbed for a sturdy clasp.  The 5-piece configured set includes a snare pad, three tom pads and a kick pad plus hi-hat and two cymbal pads.  An added feature is an FP-6110 bass drum pedal and the ensemble includes coded snake cables for fast and easy assembly.

The Yamaha DTXplorer comes with a 22 preset songs, 32 factory programmed kits with 10 user kits that can be customized from a selection of 214 high-caliber Yamaha drum and percussion voices to suit your particular needs. It is also equipped with Yamahas popular groove check function, which checks the accuracy of your timing and tells you how off-rhythm you are, and a rhythm gate function which mutes the drums until you get back in time with the pace.

Product Specifications: The Yamaha DTxplorer Drum Set includes the following standard specifications:

  • Basic Set-Up includes the following –
    DTXPLU Drum Module, KP65 Bass Drum Trigger Pad, 5 x TP65 Electronic Drum Trigger Pads, 2 x PCY65 Cymbal Trigger Pads, HH65 Hi Hat Control Pedal, FP6110 Bass Drum Pedal, RS40 Stand.
  • 32 Preset Drum Kits with 22 Pre-set songs
  • High-Performance Metronome
  • 4 preset, 1 user Trigger set-ups
  • 16×2 LCD w/backlight
  • MIDI out, Output L/mono, R Phones, AUX in, Hihat Controller
  • Foldaway system with the trigger module and pads on the rack
  • Product Weight: 62.4 lbs
  • Assembled Dimensions: 252(W) x 140(D) x 54 (H) mm
  • Our Verdict: Even if you are into acoustic drum kits, you will still consider the Yamaha DTXplorer a fantastic piece of percussion hardware. Playing and recording flexibility come build into this set and makes it worth every penny you pay for, and even more.  Recording with an electronic drum set is easy, you can pick up the exact sounds without having to sync it as you would an acoustic type.
  • Although you cannot exactly replicate acoustic output, the Yamaha DTXplorer is definitely a valid substitute, especially for the beginner or for those who have limited space for a full acoustic set up. Whats great about these electronic drum kits is that you can use it anytime of the day without having to disturb your neighbors. The Yamaha DTXplorer is a great drumming companion, especially if you are looking into learning and practicing functionality and features.

By George