Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Which wood to use while making furniture

Furniture is the soul of the house and should be picked carefully. It determines your style and is an extension of your personality. Whether you have a minimalistic approach or like bold statements, furniture should be not just functional and beautiful but also durable. If you are getting furniture made or buying furniture, it becomes a part of your life. It absorbs your lively moments and spins them into memories.

Types of wood

When you say wooden furniture, it can mean many things. Nowadays, wood is picked based on the treatments done on the wood and how the wood is manufactured. Let us first take a look at the types of wood available in the market. There are 2 main categories of wood. Solid wood and manufactured wood, which is a composite of real wood and synthetic materials.

Types of solid wood

  • Hardwood – Hardwood is heavier and harder and comes from deciduous trees that grow slowly. This type of wood is used in making high-quality furniture. Oak, Teak, Maple, Beech, Walnut, and Mahogany are examples of hardwood.
  • Softwood – Softwood is less dense than its hard cousin and generally comes from coniferous or evergreen trees that grow faster. Softwood is lighter and is less expensive than hardwood. Commonly use softwoods are spruce, pine, and fir.

Engineered wood or manufactured wood

This type of wood is used to make furniture that should be durable enough to take the weight and last for years together like beds. There are 2 types of manufactured wood that are used –

  • Plywood – Considered as the original engineered wood, it is made by thinly sliced lumber stuck together with an adhesive.
  • Particleboard – Often referred to as fiberboard, it is made by gluing together the output from a wood chipper using an adhesive.

There are lots of woods that can be chosen depending on the budget and function. Let us take a look at famous woods.

Which wood to use while making furniture

  • Maple wood – Maple wood is non-toxic and can be used to make kitchen chopping boards too. Depending on what grain you prefer, there are different types of maple that you can use.
  • Mahogany wood – One of the more traditional woods used in making furniture is mahogany. It is lighter in weight and is extremely strong. Mahogany is known for its signature reddish-brown colour. Genuine mahogany is difficult to find and more expensive.
  • Oak – Oak is one of the strongest and most durable woods and that is why it is used in making flooring or kitchen furniture. It looks mesmerizing but can yellow over time. However, red oak is darker and porous.
  • Cherry wood – Cherry wood is resistant to scratches and dents and has an even grain. It is also non-toxic. The most interesting thing about cherry wood is that it darkens over a period and gives it a very rich look.
  • Cedarwood – Cedar is naturally weather-resistant and its aroma repels bugs. It is ideal for outdoor furniture and closets. It is not recommended for indoor furniture.

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