Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Nowadays, the E-sports industry is booming in popularity. Using the technology of computers, laptops, and the latest mobile phones, almost anyone can engage and thrive in the gaming industry. Gamers and groups also partnered with Social Media sites to do live streaming sessions to show the world the gameplay of the games they are trying and playing. That is why eSports have become a rampant industry that almost anyone can engage in.

During live-streaming sessions, gamers use microphones to speak and give commentary to the game they play. They also use microphones, of course, to share pieces of information with other gamers. Their “walkthrough” serves as a fun and entertaining way others can put themselves to gaming as well.

best microphone for YouTube gaming

While other industries also use microphones, the gaming industry needs the best microphones for YouTube gaming that can receive audio very well, and all is clear to the viewers when they watch.

Are you curious enough to learn about the best microphones for YouTube gaming? Let’s dive in.

Top picks for 2021 Best Microphone for YouTube gaming

Who can give a more credible best microphone review to gamers other than gamers? This article is filled with only the best and top-rated microphones that would highly benefit you when you stream your gaming to YouTube.

1.Razer Seiren Elite

If you don’t want to lose anything for choosing the best microphone for YouTube gaming, then Razer Seiren Elite might change your choices! Razer Seiren Elite has been one of the top-rated microphones by expert gamers around the globe.

Razer Seiren Elite boasts fancy features aside from its incredible sound quality, durable build and zero-latency monitoring. Experts say that through that technology, you can hear how you sound during the stream real-time! Amazing, right?

Look at that specs:

Power Source: USB

Audio Sensitivity: 120 dB

Polar Pattern: Unidirectional

Connector type: USB only

best microphone for YouTube gaming

1.Blue Yeti Pro

Blue Yeti Pro is considered the best microphones for YouTube gaming. Blue Yeti is also the best microphone to utilize for music lovers and enthusiasts. This is made for gamers who stream and record, thanks to its special analog circuit path, this microphone can hang along with professional microphones around the world.

Check out this specs:

Power Source: Corded Electric

Audio Sensitivity: 4.5 dB

Polar Pattern: Multipattern

Signal-to-Noise ratio: 114 dB

Connector type: USB, XLR Connector

There’s more to share about Blue Yeti, but imagine how wonderful is its 15 Hz to 22 KHz frequency response? That would be a bomb. This is why Blue Yeti Pro is one of the best microphones for YouTube gaming.

Audio-Technica AT2020

If you want to up your gaming commentary, Audio-Technica AT2020 is also one of the best microphones for YouTube gaming. The only thing you need to be aware about is that Audio-Technica AT2020 does not have an arm when it arrives on your doorstep. It does have a good audio pick-up, but you can consider this when you want to try something new with your YouTube gaming streams.

Here is Audio-Technica AT2020’s specs:

Audio Sensitivity: 37 dB

Polar Pattern: Unidirectional

Signal-to-Noise ratio: 74 dB

Connector type: XLR Connector

You hold the choice for getting the best microphone

Lads and ladies, the choice is yours. We have listed down these three to share with you the best ones in the market. However, you hold the power to weigh whether these are perfect for you or not. May these choices help you get the best microphones for YouTube gaming streams!