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Where it all started

Tess Gaerthé was born in 1991 in Amsterdam as part of a twin. Tess was the winner of the Dutch Junior Songfestival in 2005 with her song “Stupid”. In spite of her young age she has already performed on many big stages.

As a teenager she was next to a weekly guest at the popular kids music program “The Kids Top 20″ at which she ranked at #1 with several of her singles. In 2008 Tess released her Dutch debut album, Onweerstaanbaar (Irresistible), a compilation of teenage pop songs she had written between age 13 up to 16.


Onweerstaanbaar’s last and only English song, “Change” was her announcement of going into another direction. By then Tess attended the “Kunsthumaniora”, an art school in Antwerp where she studied a Jazz education. Inspired by o.a Norah Jones, who she had met in person in Amsterdam, due to participating (and winning) in a radio 2 competition recording the best Norah Jones cover ‘Don’t Know Why’.

Tess & the Chiefs

In 2006 Tess and her twin brother Joël befriended some other young, Dutch, and very talented musicians. Among them was guitar player Dusty Ciggaar, his younger brother, “drum king” Darryl and added on bass guitar the amazing Bill Mookhoek. Together they formed the band Tess & The Chiefs. Also, later on, twin brother Joel joined in on vocals.

Different from anything Tess had done before, their debut album Time Warp was very well received. Her jazz influences combined with Dusty’s overall blues sound guaranteed a very interesting outcome. The album was released in 2010.

Apart from being the front lady of her own band she also participates in her twin brother’s band Ashtraynutz, announced as this year’s New Soul & Jazz Talent by Radio 6.

Vocal Coaching & Workshops

Tess conducts regular workshops and singing lessons. The final result of these lessons is an audio recording of the student’s song of choice. Tess also leads classes for children ages 7 through 10, teaching the fun and the art of singing for Muziekschool Zuid-Oost in Amsterdam.

Tess is currently completing a 4 year course for music management.


2013 Ashtraynutz: ‘City Life’ EP release

2012 Tess Gaerthe: Project ‘Duizend Stemmen in Carre’

2012 Ashtraynutz: Club tour with Ashtraynutz supporting Chef Special

2011 Sas & Jan: All musical arrangements and vocals for the theater production with Saskia Noort and Jan Heemskerk, performed live with Dusty Ciggaar

2010 Tess & the Chiefs: Album release of Time Warp

2008 Tess Gaerthé: Debut album release of Onweerstaanbaar

2008 Music Single: : “Little Pink Thing” came in at #1 on the Kids Top 20

2007 Music Single: Release of “De stem van mijn hart”, translated by Jochem Fluitsma  as “You are the music in me”. A duet with Thomas Berge and promo song for the movie “High School Musical”

2007 Song Comission: Title song for youth TV series “Spetter” on request through  Dolfinarium/Jetix. Song came in at #1 on the Kids Top 20

2007 Music Single:  ”Bedtime” English ballad. Although different genre still highly ranked at Kids top 20

2007 Song Commision: WML “Waterlied” 10,000 pressings. Letter from our Royalties expressing their appreciation about the water song

2006 Music Single: “First Kiss” Award Kids Top 20, longest noted artist (+26 weeks!)

2006 Nomination:  Nominated best new comer Kids top 20. Award for longest #1 ranking

2005 Junior Song Festival:  Winner of the Dutch Junior Song festival with “Stupid”

2005 Radio 2:  Winner of the Radio 2 competition with Norah Jones’s song “Don’t Know Why”

2003 Film: Part in movie “Verder dan de maan” directed by Stijn Coninx

2002 Television: TV advertisement with Mora Kipknotsen “Lekker belangrijk”


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