Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

With the world finally coming back to normality, after the last year of COVID riddled lockdowns and staying indoors away from the crowd had dampened a lot of people’s mood with little to no social interactions, people are now coming to full swing to go out and meet people. Last year has been a long time when someone may not have complimented you at all for what you’re wearing or how you are carrying yourself in terms of fashion. Now is the perfect time to present yourself to the world with a new look, and what better way to do than refresh your collection of watches.

Watches had always been about keeping time while looking classy until mobile became an integral part of our lives to do almost everything, including telling time. That doesn’t mean watches aren’t required anymore as they are now more than ever a tool for a time as well as an accessory to your charm. Let’s discuss some unique watches to refresh your collection with and, in the process, learn about watches. For more information on an interesting history of watches, check this infographic further to familiarize yourself with more ideas for your collection.

Classy Dress Watch

Wearing suits to your work or office meetings is incomplete without a watch. It might not be the tool to keep time during the day, but it sure is part of your class. We recommend wearing classy watches with your suit that are geared for an office look. These watches come with leather straps and sophisticated but simple-looking dials with mostly white backgrounds having a few or no additions like date or seconds hand.

Some of the brands known for classy, sophisticated watches are Cartier, Omega, IWC, etc., or you can choose a Burberry look for your Burberry suit. Watches from Junghans also provide you with a modern look as sleek as Swiss watches and perfect for your office attire. Though Swiss watches also come in multiple options, they may be a tad expensive.

Iced Out Bling Watch

If you are all about the jazz and want to show your money’s worth, what other watch than an iced out watch from our collection? These watches are not afraid to stand out with their screens and rims fitted with jewels and diamonds to the max. Even if these are expensive, they present wealth and authority and enhance your status if you are looking for it.

Iced out watches are a little bit on the shinier side of your collection and do stand out, but do it with class if you want. Consider the metal that you are most comfortable with during the time you will wear it. It should be studded enough to glow with the sparkle to attract attention but not too much that all the world’s rainbows have concentrated on your hands and distract everyone in contact with you.

Unique Watches to Refresh Your Collection

Casual Watch for the Weekend

Casual watches or weekend watches are the regular watches that you can regularly wear while out and about. Whether going to a shopping store to buy groceries or going on a weekend trip, these watches are your go-to piece as they can bear the elements and wear and tear that come with outgoing nature. They usually come with a smaller face and metal straps making them easier to clean, wash and maintain. Omega, Casio, Tudor, etc., are a few casual everyday watches for you to refresh your collection with.

These watches come in unique designs to keep your collection fresh, just like trusty watches from Rolex and Oris brands.  These watches are built for the elements; the weather doesn’t affect it in the slightest.

Watches for Sports and Adventure

These watches differ from other unique watches in that each watch is built for a specific purpose. Most digitized band watches are used for exercise, monitoring your heart rate, speed, steps you take, etc., which you can connect with your phone to share data with the health app. Their designs are some of the most unique. Mind you; smartwatches do not come under this category as though unique, don’t have as many sporty functions, and are a bit fragile.

Then there are specific watches like Tag Heuer’s Golf edition specifically designed for golfers in mind. A lot of casual-looking watches are built for divers and surfers in mind to keep not just track of time but to monitor other things such as pressure. At the same time, others are just sports editions of different brands commemorating certain events by the watch-making company.

For the Business Watch

Business watches are as classy as dress or dinner watches. Still, their outlook with the gold design with the metal look is meant to enhance your personality and intimidate peers and subordinates. Other than class, its primary function is to show your stability and wealth. As they say, ‘dress for the job you want, not what you have’ speaks better for wearing a business watch if you are a businessman. These watches can be a combination of and be versatile enough to be used for business meetings or when working in the office.

Rolex and Cartier are well known for their business watches and come in many designs and colors to complement your clothing and style.


It is a common saying that watches are men’s jewelry, and while it is true, women also wear watches to accessorize themselves for different occasions. Though there are unique watches for both sexes, some are pretty common for both, as the sports band. If you want to enhance and refresh your collection of watches for different occasions and purposes, a few that we have mentioned above will be a good start. While you can do away with a single watch for all intents and purposes, a purposeful watch collection is always a good option, like different colors of straps for different attire. In the end, it’s your final say on what style and look you are going for on that particular day.

By Jessie