Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
Accident Lawyer

Chain reaction accidents account for a lot of personal injury claims in Atlanta, Georgia. They are also serious accidents that can have life-altering effects on victims. For these reasons, it is imperative to hire an accident lawyer right away after a chain reaction accident to ensure the victim receives the necessary compensation and treatment with regard to their injuries.

You can learn more here about why it is essential to hire an accident lawyer after being injured in a chain reaction accident in Atlanta.

Here are the top 5 reasons to hire an accident lawyer after a chain reaction accident.

  • To investigate the accident and determine who is at fault

An accident lawyer will investigate the accident to learn more about what happened. Depending on the details, an accident lawyer will be able to determine who is at fault for causing the accident. In fact, an accident lawyer will be able to determine who is at fault based on the witnesses’ accounts of what transpired during the chain reaction accident.

  • To collect the necessary evidence

An accident lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia, will also collect evidence to support a client’s claim for any injuries suffered during the accident. Evidence may include photographs of the scene, documents from police reports, and other reliable information that will support the client’s case.

Once an accident lawyer has collected all of the information necessary to determine that someone is at fault and that they are responsible for causing injuries to their client, they will file a lawsuit on their behalf.

  • Knowledge of all potential damages

An accident lawyer will also know the potential damages that may include medical expenses, future care, lost wages, and other costs. In addition, an accident lawyer will know what the potential amount of damages are and will be able to help their client receive the compensation they need to get the care and treatment they may need as a result of injuries suffered in the accident.

  • To negotiate with insurance companies

Even if their client’s accident is not a life-threatening situation, an accident lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia, will negotiate with the insurance company to ensure compensation is received for all of the damages suffered. 

  • To represent you in court, if required

If the insurance company and their client cannot come to an agreement, an accident lawyer will represent the client in court and fight for compensation for damages that the client has suffered.

By George