Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Like a complement in things, digital marketing is a complement in the real estate world. As we know, digital technology has “shock marketing at its core”, with almost all marketing, flows being fed into some form of digital marketing in most businesses and industries. The widespread availability of the internet and its continued growth in users over the past few decades have influenced consumer behaviour in engineering communication, information acquisition, and search and purchase behaviour (Kannan & Li, 2017). As digital environments have evolved, they have influenced shopper search behaviour. In residential real estate, a competitive and fast-paced industry that relies heavily on collecting and distributing property details to generate sales, digitization of the home buying/selling process has brought about positive change (Cherif & Grant, 2014). It has influenced how real estate sellers and agents represent them to market the property.

The growth of e-commerce and digital marketing today is attracting public interest. Digital marketing becomes a universal network on a platform that can manage the connectivity between potential partners Lentor Modern Ebrochure. The internet has created a platform for auctions, and several websites to support marketing in real estate have finally emerged as several sites that help online transactions have been completed. This allows direct outreach from the seller to the buyer without any other intermediaries. So, digital marketing is now becoming more efficient in using the internet for sales.

Businesses related to real estate can be said to sell products that are labelled ‘high ticket-high risk’, whereas a buyer requires essential information before buying. This is usually done by visiting the agent at least once before transacting on high-risk products. However, digital marketing allows potential buyers to see the house they will buy. This helps buyers summarize some of the stages before purchasing a home.

Digital marketing improves searchability, lowers search costs, and increases potential buyers’ expectations for more comprehensive and responsible property information. Digital media such as websites and online advertisements are more affordable and can reach many people. In addition, it can track how many leads are generated from digital media campaigns. This can also be achieved with strategic and optimal digital marketing to attract potential buyers. The transformation of digital marketing in real estate itself increases overall efficiency, impacting buyers, sellers and agents.

In the digital world in the real estate business, some have provided a feature for a virtual walk or tour of what potential buyers will get. The virtual walk feature helps give them an idea of how they look, and all the details explained in an organized manner using panoramic images provided by some websites. This is one of the advantages of maximizing digital marketing in real estate, which can also shorten the time of consideration for prospective buyers so that they can be more convincing with the virtual walk feature because prospective buyers are treated like the atmosphere is in that environment, it penetrates the accurate impression that will be made perceived by potential buyers.

The Best Duo: Digital Marketing and Real Estate

This is the next phase in the real estate industry of the home buying process that benefits some parties, such as agents, because less time is spent selecting and directing potential buyers towards properties that may or may not appeal to them. As a result, there will be more time remaining that can be used to show properties that have been sold (owned by the buyer). This can also be an additional market power for the seller if the buyer can also become an agent, which will create equality between the seller and the buyer. In this case, the buyer’s agent can also represent both parties, the buyer and seller, to create more significant market opportunities.

Digital marketing is an essential aspect of the business sector, and real estate is no exception. Brand awareness is one way in digital marketing to help promote real estate businesses because if more people know your brand, they will be able to do business with it better. The use of digital marketing is much more effective because it can include search engine optimization (SEO), marketing on social media, and email marketing. This is considered more effective than traditional methods because it allows sellers to target consumers according to their interests and needs. To be successful in business, we need to make a difference from our competitors. Digital marketing helps to make our company’s products and services more unique and helps maintain excellence. Using digital marketing strategies such as advertising on several social media platforms will reach more prospects and buyers.


By Jessie