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North Gaia EC is one of the prime executive condominium residences in Singapore. It is an exceptional residence consisting of an apartment house, multiple-unit complex, office buildings, entertainment, enjoyable facilities, etc. North Gaia executive condo promotes more than 600 premium residential units. There will be 11 blocks of residential units in this condo. There is a various range of family-size units in the condominium. The residential units consist of 3 to 5 bedrooms.

North Gaia Location

 North Gaia condo is located in one of the most strategic areas in Singapore. This condo is at the intersection between Yishun Avenue 8 and 9. The location offers a scenic view and vast greenery facing the north. The upcoming Khatib Bongsu Nature Park is near the condo. The park estimates having 40 hectares of space width in a large mudflat and mangrove forest. Chongfu Primary School is only about 1km from the condominium. Therefore, lots of greenery, park, and school surround the condominium. It makes the condo be a strategic place to live.

The Developer Behind North Gaia EC

 North Gaia EC is the recent project of Sing Holdings developer. The developer is famous for launching several executive condominiums in Singapore. The condo will launch in April 2022. This condo offers the best living benefits suitable for residential purposes or investment.

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Featuring Facilities in North Gaia EC

The greenery of the mangrove forest in the upcoming park will provide fresh air to the residents of this condo. This condo is not in the heart of the traffic lines; hence, air pollution will not be an issue in its location. These residential units have various condo sizes. Single condominiums to family condominiums are available for anyone. You can stay in a three bedrooms condo even if you are single. You can transform the rest of the vacant bedrooms into a game room or your home office. Having to work from home will not be boring if you stay in this residence since there is much variety of entertainment and enjoyable facilities. This condo also offers five-bedroom-sized condos if you have a big family. The area of the condo and the area surrounding the place are perfectly suitable for raising your kids. You can go to the park and play with your kids in the open space. The fresh unpolluted air is perfect for health. There are large pools and some relaxation spots to enjoy the view.

You can secure your future investment by purchasing the units in North Gaia virtual showflat tour. You can get prosperous benefits just by having one unit of North Gaia Executive Condominium. You can use the condo for your residence or simply rent them for people to live. If you rent the condo, you can get monthly or annual income based on your renting system. Moreover, the value of the property will keep increasing over the year. Hence, you can secure future payment by owning a property especially the North Gaia EC. Besides, you can pass down the condo to your kids or resell the property in the future when the value has doubled.

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