Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
Scooter Sharing App

Scooter sharing app, or short-term rentals of scooters powered by muscle and electric traction, has been a real trend in recent years. The real push for the development of the industry came from the successful startup of the scandalously famous former top manager of Uber, Travis Vandersanen. In 2016, he was fired from his position on suspicion of industrial espionage, but he did not give up and just a year later launched the first scooter rental station under the Bird brand in Santa Monica, USA. 


Today it is one of the largest providers of scooter sharing in the world, and new ones keep popping up. Based on research published on Statista, electric scooter markets in the US and Europe are expected to reach $12 billion, while China’s market alone is expected to reach $6 billion. Globally, the scooter sharing market will reach around $32 billion by 2029. It’s time to ride this wave, but at the heart of any scooter sharing service is an app. So how do you develop such an app in the most profitable way and what are the best technologies for that? Read on to find out.


General overview of the scooter sharing apps

At the moment, an entrepreneur who has decided to try his or her hand at a scooter sharing business has two options for the scenario. The first is to buy a ready-made franchise of an existing service provider, the second is to try to implement all the business processes in the company independently by developing its own scooter sharing app. 


Development of your own scooter sharing service from scratch will require some investment at the start, but you will reap the benefits of your activities independently. At the same time, you can take a more creative approach to organize your business, introducing technologies and solutions that your competitors do not have. 


What should be in the app? The scooter sharing app’s customer dashboard should include:


  • Trip history and vehicle reservations.
  • Current marketing services (promotional codes or coupons).
  • User account information, including their name and contact information.
  • Pricing and payment options.
  • Available vehicles in real-time.
  • Route options.


What else is important during the development of the scooter sharing app management platform:


  • The ability to lock and unlock your vehicles at the touch of a button.
  • Generating visual reports for any period so you have access to all the analytics: the most frequent routes, their total distance, average length, time and cost of travel, “rush hours.”
  • The ability to track how often vehicles break down and what exactly breaks down. This can enable you to do preventive maintenance before electric scooters break and avoid costly repairs and equipment downtime.


In addition to scooter sharing app development, you’ll need to deal with its promotion in the Apple Store and Play Market. Usually, such a service can be offered both directly by the software development company itself.


What technology to choose for a scooter sharing app development?

During scooter sharing app development a lot of nuances should be taken into consideration to form an optimal technological stack. The scooter sharing app needs to be fast, lightweight, mobile, and stable. The following technologies are the best for this purpose:



Flutter is a modern feature-rich framework that allows creating cross-platform scooters sharing apps for both iOS and Android. It speeds up development and allows the product to go to market faster, and is great for different platforms, which increases the user base.


React Native 

Another great framework for scooter sharing app development. Its use in development speeds up the development process, as well as guarantees the ease of support and minimizes the number of possible contingencies and crashes.


Node js.

This is a runtime environment that is based on the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. If you have a good Node js development team your scooter-sharing app will be lightweight and fast. 


These technologies are at the heart of a quality scooter sharing app. However, it is worth remembering that each tool is only as good as the person using it.


In 2020, the scooter sharing industry seems like a lucrative option for starting a business, because now renting two-wheelers is not only profitable but also fashionable. Even if you are going to open a scooter sharing service in a relatively small town, do not worry – even without the trends of megacities, scooter rental is an extremely convenient service, which clearly has the potential in the future. The main thing is to have a good scooter sharing app development team by your side to develop a truly technological solution. Don’t hesitate to contact RexSoft. Together we will make your users move with comfort and your business indicators move only upwards!

By George