Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
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This Friday, September 11, at 12:00 pm, CINEMAX will reopen its 23 cinemas in Kilamba, Talatona and Nova Vida, located in the province of Luanda.


Thus, we complete the reopening of the 37 theaters that make up the 6 Multiplexes of Cinemas spread throughout the country – Luanda, Benguela, Huila and Huambo.


Cinemax reopens in Luanda


A new stage begins after a profound reorganization of the security processes that are fundamental for the functioning of the movie theaters. In what is the largest network of cinemas in the country, you will now be able to relive the charm of cinema with the best sound and image quality, watch the great cinematographic premieres, enjoy the tastiest popcorn, that is, the unique and memorable experiences , which CINEMAX has always provided.


And because Customers are CINEMAX’s most valuable asset, the biosafety rules issued by the Executive will be scrupulously respected, safeguarding the reinforcement of the safety of Spectators and Employees.


New Security Rules adopted by CINEMAX:


The rooms will be disinfected before the beginning of each session, the cleaning of the rooms and common spaces will be reinforced, the ventilation systems and the quality of air renewal will be permanently monitored, the use of a mask by the Employees will be mandatory and Customers, provision of alcohol gel at the entrance of Cinemas, circulation of entrances and exits with their own signage to guarantee differentiated access circuits to the Cinema areas, are some of the new measures that we have implemented at CINEMAX, thus safeguarding total safety while staying within our spaces. Employees who are in service areas are protected by acrylic panels for their safety and that of Customers.


In order to ensure safety distance, we only provide seats in alternate rows and the lateral spacing of one chair between each sale will be guaranteed. As a result of these measures, we will provide our customers with less than 50% of the maximum capacity of each room. As usual on the Cinemax network, all seats will be booked. We also reduced the number of sessions and increased the time between them to ensure the reinforcement of cleaning and adequate cleaning of the rooms between each session. As legally stipulated, we will close cinemas at 9:00 pm. In advance, we adapted the CINEMAX Online Ticket Office in a more dynamic way, allowing now, in addition to the purchase of tickets, the purchase of bar products, through . Online purchase of tickets and now also bar products, through the app or the CINEMAX website, is recommended as the preferred option, whether for advance purchase or on site.


For Michel Ferreira, the reopening of CINEMAX represents an important contribution by the Zahara Group to boosting the Country’s Cultural and Entertainment sector. .


In this much-desired return, CINEMAX presents the following schedule from 11th to 17th of SEPTEMBER: EM WWW.CINEMAX.CO.AO


2D | VO | M/12 | 151min
Kilamba: 14:30 | 18:10
Nova Vida: 14:30 | 18:10
Talatona: 12:30 | 16:50

2D | VO | M/12 | 151min
Kilamba SALA VIP: 13:00 | 17:00
Nova Vida SALA VIP: 13:00 | 17:00
Talatona SALA VIP 14:30 | 18:10

2D | VO | M/14 | 90 min
Kilamba: 13:20 | 19:00
Nova Vida:13:20 | 16:10 | 19:00
Talatona:13:20 | 16:10 | 19:00 

2D | VO | M/12 | 115 min
Kilamba: 14:30 | 18:10
Talatona:14:00 | 17:20

2D | VO | M/6 | 105 min
Talatona:12:00 | 15:00 | 18:00

2D | VO | M/6 | 99 min
Kilamba: 13:30 | 15:20 | 18:20
Nova Vida: 13:30 | 15:20 | 18:20
Talatona:13:00 | 14:40 | 18:30

2D | VO | M/14 | 90 min
Nova Vida: 14:00 | 16:40 | 19:10
Talatona:13:50 | 16:40 | 19:10


Minhas senhoras e meus senhores, silêncio por favor porque a tela vai descer, as luzes vão apagar-se e o espectáculo vai continuar.


Mais novidades do CINEMAX nas redes sociais: Instagram @cinemax_espetaculo 

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Morte Lenta (feat. Sick Brain & Azagaia) [2020] DOWNLOAD MP3 – benoit sheet metal

Zagalote – Slow Death (feat. Sick Brain & Azagaia) [2020] DOWNLOAD MP3


The new song by the singer “Zagalote” entitled “Morte Lenta” with the participation of “Sick Brain & Azagaia” is now available for download.


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Neyma Nacimo decides to leave Miramar TV – benoit sheet metal


The Palhota Fell Pra Neyma Nacimo Abandoned Miramar


Winter had many transfers, as far as journalists and presenters are concerned, many televisions have switched journalists. But now it was the turn of lawyer Nelson Nhachungue’s ex-wife.


The famous Mozambican presenter Neyma Nacimo, after working hard on the Miramar television, led by the President of the universal Church Reino de Deus in Mozambique, José Guerra, finally decided to abandon the boat and is no longer part of this television channel.


The owner of the children of lawyer and musician Nelson Nhachungue, decides on her own initiative to leave miramar television.


According to a statement made by José Guerra’s company, Affirms that for personal reasons, Neyma decided to leave television to pursue new plans.


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