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Our 2002 OMFA Results

Congratulations to all our OMFA candidates from the 2001 Rotary Music Festival who were recommended by the adjudicators for the OMFA competition at McMaster University in Hamilton this June. See our candidates’ results.

Past Participants Perform at Rotary Functions

From time to time throughout the year, the Rotary Clubs of Burlington hold functions at which past participants of the Rotary Music Festival are invited to perform.

On Wednesday, 2002, The Rotary Club of Burlington Central held its induction evening for incoming president, Carl Ljungberg. Providing entertainment through cocktail hour were: Yoan Kagoma on his oboe, Clarisse Schneider on her violin and Bryan Kelly on the piano. These performers were well received by all in attendance.

On Tuesday, 2002, the Rotary Music Festival held a “Thank-you” Barbecue for all of its financial supporters and volunteers. Before dinner we were entertained by Ryan McKinty on piano, Alicia Ault with her beautiful voice and Ewan Dobson on guitar. Our performers and their families stayed for dinner and were able to mingle with our guests.

Upcoming on Saturday, 2002, the annual Rotary Ribfest sponsored by the Rotary Club of Burlington Lakeshore, will be held at Spencer Smith Park. We are looking forward to listening to Steven Thornton play his cello, Savanna Sokolnicki sing a few numbers and Rebecca Basciano play the piano.

Stay tuned for more performing opportunities provided by our local Rotary Clubs!


Rotary Music Festival Volunteers are Tops!

A “Thank You Barbeque” for past sponsors and volunteers was held Tuesday June 18th at the Springer House. See our Press Release for details.

Festival Feedback

Read the feedback from participants and parents about the 2001 Festival.

What’s New in 2002!

See What’s New in 2002. There’s jazz piano, accordion, string orchestra, fiddle and much more.

2002 Festival Syllabus

The 2002 Rotary Music Festival Syllabus has been mailed to all teachers and participants who registered in either the 2000 or 2001 festival. Please check Syllabus Amendments for any syllabus changes since printing and mailing.

2001 Grand Festival Concert Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our 2001 Grand Festival Scholarship Recipients. Ewan Dobson was awarded the $1000 Mark Irish Memorial Scholarship for the Most Overall Promising Student. Alicia Ault was awarded the $300 Most Promising Young Performer Scholarship.

2001 Festival Scholarship Recipients 

Congratulations as well to all our Scholarship Recipients in the 2001 Rotary Music Festival.

What’s New in 2002

We are very excited about the classes we’ve added to this year’s syllabus. 

 Enjoy the piano classics, but still like the sounds of popular tunes?  You can play your favourites in class PC-10.


Jazz piano classes (PC-14 to PC-17) have been added for those students who love to improvise. 

For the first time, accordions are being introduced to the festival.  There would appear to be a resurgence of interest in accordions, ranging from use as a solo instrument to accompaniment with instrumental groups in all types of music.  Because there is a greater awareness and appreciation of the musical versatility and multicultural approaches to accordions, we have introduced categories to reflect the differing types of instruments and immense range of music played by the wide cross-section of accordionists.  See classes AC-01 to AC-09.


String orchestras may now participate in our festival.  Groups of up to 50 players will now be eligible to take part.  See classes SC-22 and SC-23.

Brand new this year are our Fiddle and Celtic categories.  For these lively classes, see SC-24 and SC-25.


Our Classical Guitar section has been expanded to include several Canadian Composers as well as some Concertos.  See classes SC-28 to SC-36.   

Sure to please our vocalists, we’ve added Operas, Operettas, Oratorios, Chansons, Lieder and Italian Art Songs.  See VC-13 to VC-19.

Students may be recommended by our adjudicators to compete in the Ontario Music Festival, allowing them the possibility of going further, to the National Festival. This year’s representatives to the Ontario Music Festival received monetary assistance from the Rotary Music Festival to assist with registration fees.

Past scholarship and award recipients are, from time to time, invited to perform at various Rotary functions throughout the city.


 Syllabus Amendments

The following amendments have been made to the 2002 Rotary Music Festival Syllabus since it went to print in early May 2002.

Our accordion adjudicator’s name was misspelled on page 6 of the Syllabus. The correct spelling of Boris’ name is Boris Borgstrom.

PC-16 “Jazz Piano Solo (Slow Blues)” category requirements on page 20 should read, “Participants are required to play … in MAJOR key” not MINOR key.

PC-17 “Jazz Piano Solo (Fast Blues)” category requirements on page 21 should read, “Participants are required to play … in MAJOR key” not MINOR key.

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