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Gold Mangalsutra

What is a Mangalsutra?

A Mangalsutra is a piece of jewellery worn by women in India as the symbol of their marriage. The mangalsutra has a quintessential red and yellow beaded look. They are made differently in different parts of India. These gold long mangalsutras with price range of one thousand to one lakh and more have a steady demand in the market.

Trending mangalsutra designs:

Maharashtrian Gold Mangalsutra Design:

This design is made in Maharashtra. A thick, long chain made of black and gold beads is attached to a golden pendant. They are designed intricately and have beautiful enamel work done on the pendant. The design is most commonly worn by Maratha women.

Gold Plated Mangalsutra

A gold-plated piece of jewellery serves a as great, inexpensive alternative to real gold jewellery. They come in very sleek modern designs that go effortlessly with all outfits. The chain is generally made of gold and black beads arranged in two layers and is attached to a small pendant. They sometimes come with a set of matching earrings.

Flower Pendant Set With Gold Mangalsutra

Pendants with flower motifs are simple, classy, and a touch of elegance. They are usually made of a simple, long chain made of black and gold beads attached to a flower pendant made of gold. This gold, long mangalsutra design is appropriate for both formal and informal events and can give you a trendy, stylish look. The follower pendant mangalsutra is a fresh, modern design inspired by the latest accessory trends.

Gold Mangalsutra with Heavy Pendant Set:

This one is mostly to be worn at wedding parties. They are perfect if you have an affinity for traditional, heavy-set gold jewellery with impeccably detailed design. The combination of a classic black and gold beaded chain with multiple layers, attached to a gorgeous gold pendant with embedded stones or detailed carvings. Even though they are slightly traditional, they go very well with dazzling Indian outfits.

Simple Long Chain Mangalsutra Design

If you are someone who likes to go minimal, this the mangalsutra design you should try. They amplify the whole, “less is more” culture. The chain is a single layer of black and gold beads with a small pendant attached to it. If you do not like catchy jewellery, this is the best option for you.

Beautiful Circular Pendant Mangalsutra Design

These pendants are circular in shape and fall into the non-traditional design category. The pendant is generally made of gold, with a subtle diamond design within. It makes for one of the most elegant diamond jewellery. It hangs gracefully from a simple black and gold beaded chain. This gold, long mangalsutra design is again well suited for both formal and informal occasions and will give you a very stylish look.

Traditional Golden Mangalsutra Design

These mangalsutra designs will be perfect for you if you are someone who likes to adhere to traditions and family rituals. They are the most common mangalsutra designs found in the market. A medium-sized gold pendant is attached to a multilayered black and gold beaded chain, giving it a very rustic look.

Try these simple and traditional mangalsutra designs and look perfect for all your occasions.

By Volarex