Thu. Nov 30th, 2023
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If you’re like most musicians and songwriters you understand that the most important thing you can do is create songs that capture your audience’s attention.


If you don’t have great songs your music career is stuck in the mud.


The thing I want you to understand is that songwriting is a skill that can be learned and developed…that’s why I created the Superior Songwriting Method program.


About the Superior Songwriting Method Program

My name is Mike Seminari and I began writing songs over 20 years ago and writing professionally for Sony/ATV Publishing for the past 9 years. I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the biggest names in the music business and now I’m about to pass on that knowledge to you.


I have studied under the guidance of songwriting greats like Tom Douglas (“The House That Built Me”), Chris Lindsey (“Amazed”, “Poison and Wine”) and Tia Sillers (“I Hope You Dance”), and have co-written hundreds of songs with these and more.


My music has been showcased in television shows like The Biggest Loser, video games like Playstation’s MLB 2K, and radio, with multiple songs reaching the Top 10 on the iTunes and Billboard charts.


Additionally, I’m also an instructor with Los Angeles Songwriting Collective (LASC).


But first I want you to understand something…


It took me a long time to get to where I am today. Countless hours were spent trying to figure out how to write perfect songs.


When I started I didn’t have anyone guiding me and teaching me how to be a better songwriter so I decided to create the Superior Songwriting Program. It’s a simple-to-follow way for musicians and songwriters to learn the skills needed to write great lyrics, better hooks, engaging melodies, and catchy, memorable songs.


Like I had said before, I spent hours and hours trying to figure out how to write catchy songs and it never seemed to go anywhere.


I would carve time out of my day to write, but I really had no idea where to start. I had no idea if I should start with lyrics, chords, melody or really anything at all. It was FRUSTRATING!


Maybe that sounds a little bit like where you’re at right now with your songwriting.


Well there’s good news! I can help!


Fortunately for me, it was a long road and I had many different mentors along the way help me out.


I started seeing how all these writers kept doing the same routine when it came to writing songs. And all their songs were getting on the radio, television shows, topping Billboard charts, making tons of money, and literally everybody knew their lyrics!


All the knowledge I’ve accrued and success I gained from working with these writers I put into an easy to follow, step-by-step course that will guide you through exactly how to write hit songs.


My music has been showcased in T.V. Shows like The Biggest Loser, video games like Playstation’s MLB 2K, and radio, with multiple songs reaching the Top 10 on iTunes and Billboard Charts.


Yes, Anyone Can Learn To Write Better Songs! Whether You Want To…


Write Catchy Songs For A Band You’re In That Will Have 1000′s Of People Cheering And Singing Your Lyrics

How To Make It Big In The Entertainment Industry So You Can Get Your Song Out To The Masses

Increase Record Sales Or Get Signed To A Major Label Through Buzz Marketing

Write A Song For That “Special Loved One” That Will Have Them Crying From Being Overjoyed

Stun A Crowd At An Open Mic Night Or Show So They All Want To Come Meet You

Or Whatever Desire You Have For Wanting To Write Great Music

Experience The Pinnacle Of Songwriting Training With The Superior Songwriting Method System!


Good Sounds System

The nightly cultural shows in celebration of the town fiesta started last night. I was not in the mood to go as I am waiting for the boyfriend’s call. However a friend came over and invited me to go with him so I opt to go provided that we will not be staying long at the plaza. Good thing, the fireworks display started early so we were lucky to have witness the fireworks.


We also had a chance to watch few sets of dances from the students. Aside from the performers last night I would say that the sound system also plays a big rule. Gladly the town officials hired a good one, I eve wonder if they are using the bass head at musicians friend because of the perfect sound.


Oh well, it doesn’t really matter what they are using what matter most if they offer a good service.


School Band

My nephew L is now official a member of their school band. Last Saturday they were invited to join the parade happened in the next town. It was the first experience for L and I could not explain how excited he was.


The drum cost us few thousand but I know we it was worth the price for it was a branded one. I could not imagine how much it will cost if one would buy the Roland cymbals, certainly it more expensive. But then again, this kind of music gadget is perhaps used by those professional bands.


Watching Live Band

I was in the city yesterday, no doubt the city is all set for the big day- the fiesta celebration. Hopefully, the plan of visiting the city will materialize this coming week.


As for now, I will settle imagining what is happening in the city as of typing. But one thing is for sure, there are bands playing in this particular place where in bystander and spectator can have a bottle of beer and barbeque. I remember when I had a chance to visit the place last year, I saw this guitarists who seems to play their seagull guitars with pleasure and efficiently.


I wonder if the band will have a show in the city this year. If ever, I wish I can watch them again.



By Volarex