Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

With the reemergence of turntables and the production of vinyl records in the music industry, newer generations can experience listening to songs through this medium. Although digital music platforms deliver higher quality sounds, record players, when used, bring a certain vibe to the listener, unlike any other device. But unfortunately, turntables are antiquated machines. And, say that you just found your family’s old record player in the attic. The challenge lies in the restoration of this vintage material. Thus, this feature will show you the steps in repairing and maintaining an old record player turntable.

Step 1- Clean The Apparatus

Cleaning the old turntable should be the first thing to do, especially for a piece of equipment stored in a room where particles and animals can easily infest. The machine needs a thorough cleaning as it is exposed to dust, grime, and even moisture.

Put it on a clean table and unplug the machine from any power source. Get a clean towel and apply enough cleaning solution. Also, use an oil or water-based solution to prevent damaging the surface. Gently rub it across the music player’s frame and repeat until all the dirt and excess particles are removed. Use a soft brush to clean the gaps and holes.

On the other hand, some external parts such as the point arm and the buttons need extra care. Clean these parts lightly but meticulously using a smaller and smoother fabric.

Step 2 – Disassemble

After cleaning carefully, disassemble the record player to reveal the internal parts. First, remove the materials at the top, such as the platter and internal cover. Then, unscrew the protective caps and carefully open up the machine.

Step 3 – Clean And Inspect Inside

Exposing the inside, make sure to clean and remove debris that has accumulated. Also, properly search for damaged parts. Remove and prepare to replace the old materials such as the electronics and wirings as they are prone to rust. Disassemble all parts, including the circuit board and the motor, and clean with extra care.

How to Restore a Vintage Turntable

Step 4 – Replace Parts

For the turntable to produce quality sounds, replace the old and damaged parts. Replace the power cord with the other wires inside with newer and less resistant power cables. Check for loose connections and oxidations and use solder to reconnect them firmly. Also, drain the oil from the multiple bearings and replace it with the appropriate and high-quality lubricant. Capacitors and resistors can deteriorate after many years, so, if possible, with enough knowledge in electronics, replace these components cautiously. Lastly, gently pull out the old stylus from the cartridge or tonearm and change it with a new one. This is important as this thin needle plays a vital role in connecting the turntable and the vinyl record. Old hands deliver substandard sounds and can damage the grooves of the record. Hence, the need for a good replacement piece like this Jico stylus.

Step 5 – Reassemble And Do Finishing Touches

Lastly, check further for issues before closing and putting the player back together. Use new screws for a tight seal. Either replace the top casing or apply a fresh coat depending on the material and surface you have. After the reassembly, clean again by spraying water and wipe with a soft and dry cloth. Finally, test the machine and adjust the sound to your liking.

By Jessie