Thu. Nov 30th, 2023
UX Research Plan

To create the perfect product, you have to understand the people who use it. This very task is the backbone of user experience, or UX, research. Before you can conduct this research to start creating the best product possible, you need to come up with a plan.

If you are looking to create a simple UX research plan, you are not alone. Many people want the easiest method possible. With that said, there is no extremely simple research plan to comprehensively understand the experiences of your target users. The best way to keep things simple is by taking one small step at a time.

  1. Provide Background Brief

First things first, you need to provide a background brief. Briefly tell stakeholders the history of the project.

  1. List Research Objectives

Next, it is time to list your research objective. Why are you conducting this UX research?

  1. Identify Stakeholders

After identifying the research objective, you have to figure out how to effectively communicate with stakeholders.

  1. Conduct a Past Solution Analysis

When talking to stakeholders, it is smart to conduct a past solution analysis for your UX research plan. What other solutions have previously worked?

  1. Find Participants

Next, you need participants. To conduct UX research, you need users to participate. Look for individuals who fit your target audience.

  1. Measure Success

Doing research is pointless if you cannot measure success. Because of this, you need to establish metrics and KPIs early.

  1. Outline Research Focus

What is the scope of information that you want to collect? The more specific you can be with this part of your plan, the better.

  1. Write Research Questions 

Next, it is time to write research questions. Examine what you already know from previous research to find knowledge gaps and think of ideas.

  1. Calculate Your Budget

After figuring out the core aspects of your plan, it is then possible to calculate your budget. Remember to add up any extra costs that you may otherwise forget about.

  1. Create Project Timeline 

Before starting any project, creating a timeline can help you stay focused. It can also give help for keeping stakeholders in the loop.

  1. Determine Research Methods

Once you are at this step, you are almost ready to start researching. In this part of planning, you need to determine what research method or methods you want to use.

  1. Choose Your Tools

Next, you need to choose your tools. If you are conducting interviews, the tools will be different than if you are doing simple observation or focus groups.

  1. Present Findings

Toward the end of your research plan, you need to come up with a strategy for sharing your findings. This will give you the opportunity to explain any suggested changes.

  1. Consider Ethics

Lastly, all researchers need to consider ethics. For UX specifically, ethics are critical because the data has the potential to impact society and influence others.


For the most simple way to create a straightforward UX research plan, simply follow each of the steps, one at a time.