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Get To Know The Patio Misting System To Beautify The Outdoors

What Is An Patio Misting System?

Have you ever heard of a patio misting system? If you are someone who works in the field of exterior design for houses or buildings, of course, this device is not new. As information, the Patio misting system is a design for the exterior of a home or building that can produce a more natural, cool and calming atmosphere. In simple terms, thepatiomistingsystem.com system uses a tool that will be attached to the roof or ceiling of a building which can produce a stream of water such as drizzle or spray from the installed pipe so that it can change the temperature to be cooler.

You may have seen this device in hotel buildings, luxury homes or offices deliberately installed to add comfort to visitors. Usually, the device will be equipped with additional tools such as pipes, conductors and special machines that can spray water through the pipe holes. The hole in the tube will be shaped in such a way with several small holes as an outlet for the water flowing with the machine’s assistance and encouragement. Not only the engine drive, technological changes and developments have proven successful in increasing the effectiveness of its use, but the application of an evaporation system to each pipe flow is also a significant factor in the number of people who want to install this patio misting system in their homes.

How Does Patio Misting System Work?

In simple terms, this device will work effectively with the method of evaporating water, which is combined with the cooling system, so that the water vapour will condense and then produce grains or droplets of water that come out through the gaps in the pipe provided. This Patio Misting system was developed with various modern technologies to be more practical and optimal in terms of its application.

As is widely used today, namely with a simple heating method capable of converting liquids into gases and steam, all of this will be processed by the installed machine and can also be varied based on the wishes of its use. From this working system and the steam successfully released, the temperature in the area can change to be cooler. Some houses or buildings that use this patio misting system can also add aesthetic value, such as a fountain that is conceptualized to help cool the temperature.

The cold temperature in the area where the patio misting system is installed is also affected by the fog from the evaporation that occurs. When the mist is produced, the area becomes more humid, changing the temperature to cooler. There are many patio misting systems, and you can choose what type you want.

Some Types Of Patio Misting Systems

Several devices for patio misting systems can be differentiated by their pressure, and this pressure is distinguished because each installed device has different components. And in outline, some of the types of devices that are often used are as follows:

Low-Pressure Patio Misting System

This device is said to have low pressure caused by a water source from only one path, namely the main authority on the installed device as you know that running this device system requires a main source as a place for water flow to be evaporated with the help of the machine. If you calculate the low water pressure, it only ranges from 35-60 psi. This low-pressure system is generally applied to a simple house with only a few areas to humidify. Besides that, it is also simpler to use and install and can even be installed by yourself without the help of a technician.

Patio Misting System Medium Pressure

This is usually installed in an office building or homestay for devices at medium pressure, which is wider than the house. Because it is more comprehensive, the water pressure required is also more robust to reach every pipe attached to the device. Additional tools are usually used, such as a booster pump with adjustable size. This machine will help drain water from the main source to each pipe set installed on each side of the building.

If calculated from the pressure requirement, it can be estimated to reach 150-250 psi in water pressure units or pounds in smaller media constructions. Seeing that the pressure generated is sufficient for a large building, you can choose the type of patio misting system for your hotel or office.

High-Pressure Patio Misting System

If the moderate pressure is insufficient to reach the entire building where you are installing a patio misting system, then choose the high-pressure type. The water pressure can range from 700 – 1500 psi, which is enough to cover the entire building area. Usually, this type is used for a luxury apartment building, a luxury hotel with a high floor or a luxury home building where devices are installed on each side of the building.

You can distinguish between each type of device from the range of the area you want to install. The actual building size cannot be a specific benchmark, but calculate the scope of the site you want to install. The broader or farther the pipe from the main water source, the higher the water pressure you need.

Patio Misting System Benefits and Features

Every device you want to install in a building is, of course, based on its needs and benefits. Apart from being able to provide cooler temperatures, of course, there are several other benefits from each installation, including:

  1. Meet the air needs of plants

Using the Patio misting system is beneficial for humans, but plants can also benefit from the application of this device. As we know, plants will need air humidity to be maintained, by planting some plants around the area of this device, it will get better and gives a different beauty.

  1. Prevent germs and bacteria

The human body is susceptible to viruses and bacteria, so by using this device, viruses, bacteria, mosquitoes, and other insects will stay away from your home or building. Healthier and cleaner air is, of course, an added value for keeping yourself healthy.

  1. Excessive energy requirements

If installing this device will waste electricity, then that is an erroneous thought because this device does not require a lot of energy and is relatively suitable for use. Some users even say that this device is more energy efficient than installing a unique cooler, which requires more energy.

How Much Does Patio Misting System Cost?

Each device installation requires a small fee, and costs will vary in each area where you live. However, for a low-pressure device, you will need to pay $25 to $100. Whereas for low pressure, it ranges from $ 120 to $ 1000, and for devices with high pressure, it has a more excellent price, which ranges from $ 1400 to $ 3500.

Helpful everything, of course, requires a small fee. You can order this patio misting system installation service to place an order. Adjust the installation needs with the area to help choose the type of patio misting system you want.

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