Fri. Dec 1st, 2023
best EFT hack at Battlelog

Are you a fan of realistic games? Do you want to feel the real-time thrill and excitement while playing a game? If yes, Escape from Tarkov must be one of your favorites. The realistic graphics, sound effects, plots, and characters made EFT one of the most popular games in today’s world.

The main motto of playing is to master the game. But, without any proper guidance, you can never enhance your gaming skills. No matter how often you practise it, if you repeatedly use the wrong method, you will see no improvements. That is why one needs to find their flaws and change their way of game playing. Only then will you learn how to play the game with more efficiency.

Escape from Tarkov is a bit difficult for beginners. As a newbie, you need to learn different strategies to move forward in this game. That is why you need some hacks and tips to help you out. When one enters the game for the first time, they feel all confused and perplexed. But do not give up. You will steadily get the hang of it. Below are effective Escape from Tarkov tips that will improve your game and help you stay longer on your battle logs. 

5 best tips for the beginners

Most of the beginners assume that Escape from Tarkov is not for them. Understanding the rules and how everything works here takes time. Controlling the game is not at all easy. But do not give up! These five tips will help you to start your journey on a positive note. Even if you are a beginner, you can manage your game playing if you keep these 5 tips in mind.

  • Knowing the controls

The most crucial thing in Escape from Tarkov is knowing your controls. When you master the hotkeys, your game playing improves automatically. Learning the WSAD system, shortcuts, and hotkeys will keep you one step ahead of the other players. One has to improve their shooting skills as well because you can never win any round with basic shooting skills. 

The next thing is, getting comfortable with the ammo display and mastering the ways of controlling it. Other than that, many shortcut keys will save you time. For example, you can use R for quick reloading, C for crouching, and TAB for accessing inventory. So, best EFT hack at Battlelog will be, checking and memorizing the control system carefully.

  • Offline mode

Offline mode is the best option if you want to learn the game in detail. When you are offline, Escape from Tarkov will look completely different. Majority of us have no clue about the benefits of playing Escape from Tarkov in offline mode. The first and foremost advantage of offline gaming is, you can try new weapons. 

Playing offline lets you practice your aims and targets because nothing pre-recorded happens in the game. Do not worry about losing your game. When you go back to the main menu, you can jump right back where you left. Moreover, you also get unlimited shooting options. Thus, playing the offline mode is the smart choice for beginners while playing Escape from Tarkov.

  • Preplan loadouts

Choosing the right loadout before raiding is very important. While looting, one must fully use their storage container as no other player can see or steal it. Even if you die during the battles, the items you get will stay hidden. The player needs to stay ready with his guns and magazines before raiding. 

Anything can happen during a raid, so ensuring your safety is a must here. You should keep the magazines in a handy and easily accessible place because you will not get enough time to reload your guns when you are under attack. Exploring the flea market will help you to find better guns at a good price. 

  • Extraction points

You need to detect all the extraction points after a raid. Some of them are already open, while others need some special keys. Knowing all extraction points help you to raid and exit easily. 

  • Looting method

Looting is one of the main features of Escape from Tarkov. You must strategize your loot and collect as many items as possible. During the loot, stay clear of your enemies and focus on collecting good weapons.


These are 5 best tips for the beginners of Escape from Tarkov. All of them are tried and tested by pro-game players. These tips will help all new and seasoned players to better their game. Only practicing is not enough to master a game. You need to learn the right ways. With these beginner tips, you can enhance your skills and become a master of Escape from Tarkov.