Thu. Sep 28th, 2023
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Few years ago, I have a chance to visit the number radio station in the city during the little one’s educational tour. Someone toured as around, we were able to witness a live conversation with the disc jockey. One thing that grasps my attention on the disc jokey’s table was the stand he is using. It was simple yet I still find it appealing to my eyes. I wonder if it is one of the dj stands from musicians friend, I could not remember how the stand looks like eh. Too bad I wasn’t able to take a photo of it.


They Sing Well

Last night I had a chance to watch my favorite reality show. One of the contest grasp my attentions as they are wearing sexy clothes at one glance you would say they are a real female but they are not, they are a member of third sex. Although they are sexy and beautiful they choose to sing a song performed by male singer. They did a great job that one of the judges asks them if they bring their mics as they leveled up compared to their audition performance.


Oh well, even if they used the best mics available in the market if they don’t have a talent in singing I am certain that they will not sing like a pro.


A Thing For Drummers

I am no good in singing same goes with familiarizing music related instrument. Before, I used to think that when you’re in the band you don’t need any other instrument aside from playing the instrument you are playing with but I was wrong when I recently read somewhere that most of the drummers are using the best metronome to help them with the timing.


A band is playing different kind of song, some are fast and some are slow using this instrument will help drummer play much easier.


Most Sought After Music Instrument

There is no doubt that guitar is one of the most sought after music instrument in the music industry these days. Why I say so? It is because there are countless of teenagers that are playing their own guitar. And, because buying a good quality guitar would mean a hole in the pocket for the parents, they usually opt to buy low standard brand of guitar without thinking that disadvantage of it.


Anyway, if I am to buy a guitar for the little one I make sure he will get something durable, something that will last for some years. I am considering on choosing one of the Ovation Guitars at music123, they have quite a lot of choices to choose from. Best thing is that you can buy the guitar you want in a discounted price.


So if you want to surprise your son or daughter or any of your loved ones I highly recommend you to check out the brand of guitar I am talking about.


On Music Instrument and Accessories

I cannot sing the right tune even the simplest one. That is one fact of me that I have accepted long time ago. Another one is I am not knowledgeable when it comes to music instruments and accessories. I guess that is understandable since I am not really into singing.


However, I can be of help to those who are in a lookout of music instrument and accessories. Just like for example if you are searching for new Rovner ligatures, I happened to come across a website that offer wide selection of music instrument and other music accessories. For a music lover, the website I am talking about it surely a great find.


Achieve A Good Quality Sounds discovery italia

Yeah! Nothing beats the contentment and pleasure listening to a good music. Do you agree? But how can you really get a good music? Having a good sounds really help a lot to achieve a beautiful music.


To be able to get a good music there are some factor to consider, having a good audio interface is important and of course a good speaker as well.


If you know someone who is in need of a audio interface then it’s your chance to surprise the person of giving him what he needs this holiday season.


On Creating A Band

For some reason I am not into band groups, perhaps it’s the kind of music they are singing. I am more on county music but I have this all male band that I like. I like their music it touches my heart.

One time, I ask myself how they manage to create the group as I know it’s not really easy. Apart from the time, determination, professionalism and patience should be applied to be successful. Oh well, it also involve some money to have a good quality music instrument. I didn’t know that a roland spd sx would cost a lot until recently.


If you’re planning to create a band then I urge you to check out the link above. The site is offering free shipping and discount.


Excited For The Holiday Season..

.who is not anyway.


In a week or so I will start putting up our Christmas décor. I guess I have enough of Christmas balls and other décor so I won’t be buying any this year.


I am wishing that this Christmas will be different from my Christmases. I will keep you guys guessing what will make this Christmas different if ever. But rest assure I will be sharing it you guys as soon as the plan materialized. For now, I shall make the list of what I need to buy in celebration of Jesus birth.


I am quite sure most of you have started shopping and maybe there are few who want to get ibanez artcore at musicians friend. There is no doubt that it’s a perfect gift for musically inclined individual. Well, I don’t know to play a guitar but if someone give it to me as present I would gladly accept it with a big smile

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