Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
a&w iron and metal

When I checked all the usage fees of Deriheru in Shinagawa, they were all quite cheap, and I thought it would be okay to continue playing for more than a few hours, so I called the girl from the cheapest shop today. It seems to be a relatively new delivery health compared to other stores, but it seems that the store here was highly evaluated in a short period of time, so I thought that I could expect it, Miss Deriheru in Shinagawa has a relatively experienced experience. I got a glimpse of her high technical ability because she erected with great momentum when she was receiving her service. Especially the service act by handjob is terrible, the movement of hands and fingers is quite fast, and the genitals that were getting smaller are getting bigger and bigger.


It was great because it became. Even now, when I remember the pleasure at that time, my genitals are about to erect, so I can say that I received a considerable amount of stimulation. After I got an erection, I received soft acts such as blowjob and ball licking, but I got strong pleasure probably because my nerves are sensitive. Even though it’s cheap, I can get such strong stimulation and pleasure, so I feel like I’ve gained a lot.


Satisfied with meeting Miss Deriheru – a&w iron and metal


I’ve always wanted to play at a sex shop called Deriheru in Shinagawa, but when I thought about it, I had to do it only, so I gave priority to getting rid of it. Unlike ordinary store-type shops, Deriheru seems to be able to call a girl home and receive sexual services there, which was quite easy and helpful. When I actually met the girl, it was pretty cute, and the service I could experience was also pleasant, so it’s great. What I found particularly wonderful was that the service content was almost the same as that of health, so I thought that I wouldn’t have to go to the store. It seems that the number of customers going to health stores is decreasing due to these advantages, and on the contrary, the number of delivery health stores has increased. 


The service was positive and did not only do what the customer told me, but also did the service I thought of myself, so it was really nice to call this girl. It was already evening after it was over, but I forgot the time after a long time and was able to immerse myself in the service, so I was able to relieve my stress. On the contrary, the number of delivery health stores has increased.


I was able to relieve stress – a&w iron and metal


Even if I did what I liked in quick succession, I couldn’t get rid of my stress at all and was in trouble, so I borrowed the power of a custom called Deriheru in Shinagawa. Deriheru is considerably cheaper than the shops such as soap that I used to go to, and I am grateful that I do not have to worry about money. I was grateful to be able to check the information on the girls at the delivery health store in advance, and I was happy to be able to select a woman who is as compatible with me as possible. For this use, I chose a delivery health store that has never received service, but I was able to meet a pretty beautiful girl, which made me feel great. At this point, I was able to eliminate about 30% of the stress I had accumulated, so I thought I might be able to do this.


When I received the service immediately, I felt very comfortable and was able to relieve my stress more and more, so I can appreciate it. It was the best result because I felt uplifted when I continued to receive her service as if I had accumulated a lot of dissatisfaction. Also, when I can’t relieve my stress, I’ll call Miss Deriher to relieve my dissatisfaction.


Hakata’s delivery health was as rumored – a&w iron and metal


Last week I happened to hear information that the delivery health in the Hakata area was of a high level, so I wanted to play asexually since that day. I thought that if I wanted to call Miss Deriher, I had to clean the room, so I decided to contact the Deriher store in Hakata immediately after cleaning and changing it to a clean state. The response was very quick, probably because it was evaluated as having a high level of stones, and it was wonderful to respond without wasting time. Miss Deriheru who came to my house was also the figure as shown in the image, and I was happy to meet her. Anyway, the mistress who came to my house seems to have done a series of soft acts that can be said to be the basics, and if she receives her service, she can eliminate her libido.


I had some feelings that I couldn’t believe the rumors because they had no basis, but apparently the information I checked this time was not wrong. The usage fee was not so high and it seemed okay to continue receiving the service, so I will play for a little longer this time.


Use the new delivery health – a&w iron and metal


When I checked the information on the delivery health store in Shinagawa, it seems that there is a new store recently opened, and I thought that if I used this, I might have a good experience. The usage fee seemed to be reasonable and not bad, and I was able to enjoy the excitement of searching for a girl who felt that this was the case with the large number of mistresses. For the time being, this is my first time to use it, so I safely invited an experienced professional girl, but I was able to have a very pleasant experience because there were only staff with a high level of skill and they did various acts.


He did a lot of different things from simple handjobs to radical 69, and when he approached the end of the game, he encouraged me to ejaculate with fucking. I’ve heard that it’s a professional staff, but I didn’t think it would serve me so much, so it’s a nice miscalculation. At this level, I think I can beat other stores in Shinagawa, and I can expect that I may be able to expand my power further, so if I have time to spare, I will check this store regularly. I’m out.


I was saved by Deriheru – a&w iron and metal


Recently, when I was alone in the room, I felt regret, so I honestly thought that this would continue, so I decided to clarify the cause on my own. When I think about it calmly, there have been a series of stressful events recently, so I wondered if that was the cause, so I used Shinagawa’s delivery health to relieve my mental fatigue. With Deriheru, you can meet girls without any problems even in the current state, and the fee is not so high, so I’m grateful. It can be said that the girl who came to my house was the type I liked enough and was not bad, and I was able to spend the best time because I provided the service after wearing extreme underwear like a genre girl.


When I received acts such as fucking while looking at the panties of extreme colors, I enjoyed strong pleasures, and the stress disappeared, so I was saved in many ways. If I had continued my life without using the delivery health, I might have collapsed somewhere, so I feel that I have learned the importance of resting my mind on a regular basis.

By Volarex