Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

If you are a wandering artist looking for your next place to settle down for a few months, a few years, or even forever, you need to know that your destination has a thriving arts scene. If your new city has vibrant venues, galleries, and artsy hangouts, you will be all set.

A great city to consider as your next stop, or as your forever home, is Calgary. With so many arts and culture venues and hangout spots, Calgary is an amazing city to call home for any artist. If Calgary is on your radar and you are looking for an artistic haven, check out the following spots in the city:

Arts Commons

Probably the best known “art spot” in Calgary and one recommended by many is Arts Commons. The great thing about Arts Commons for artists looking to relocate to Calgary is that it is a huge complex (a whole city block) that is home to many different types of venues that cover a range of the arts to appeal to all artistic types.

Arts Commons is home to many venues, including the Jack Singer Concert Hall, Martha Cohen Theatre, and Stage West Theatre, among others. Arts Commons also houses several resident companies, including Theatre Calgary, One Yellow Rabbit, and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. This grand complex really has something for every artist, and if you are hoping to find a place to live near Arts Commons, do some research on Calgary homes for sale in the surrounding area.

Glenbow Museum

Another well-known artistic locale in Calgary is the Glenbow Museum. The Glenbow museum is a combination art gallery and history museum and includes a First Nations gallery. It is the largest museum in Western Canada, so if you are interested in art, history, or indigenous perspectives, be sure to check out the Glenbow Museum after you move to Calgary.

Admission to the museum is free, so this is an artistic hangout you can visit again and again without breaking the bank. The artwork ranges from historical to contemporary, and the museum artifacts come from Western Canada as well as from other cultures around the world. There is also an archive, as well as a library, for those artists who enjoy doing research.

The Grand

The Grand is the oldest theater in downtown Calgary, so there is a lot of artistic history here. It houses the Flanagan Theatre, as well as a rehearsal spot called The Studio. The long history of The Grand also included many former names, including Sherman Grand and Showcase Grand. 

Today, The Grand hosts many shows, including concerts, ballets, and theater. So you can get your artistic fix here regardless of the medium you prefer. The Grand also offers venue rental if you need a rehearsal space, a theater to showcase your own artistic work, or a space for a special event in a historic space.

If you are an artist looking for hangout spots in Calgary, look no further than those listed above. From arts complexes to museums to historial theaters, every artist will be pleased.

By George