Thu. Sep 28th, 2023
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The Mozambican actor, Laquino Fonseca, was diagnosed with Umbilical Hernia and needs 170,000 meticais to pay for the treatment.


Even though he is one of the main actors in the Mozambican film “Rescue” that is shown on Netflix, Laquino is not worthy, for that reason, he asks Mozambican families for help to make their donations through the (84041 8000 – Laquino Fonseca).


This request for support was made this Thursday (11/26), on Fred Jossias’ show, on Tua TV, where he raised about 7,000 meticais during the program’s broadcast, however the contributions are still valid.


Pride took Ivo Mahel’s focus in the music area – bowling green metalforming


Was Ivo Mahel hasty in his information given on August 5, 2020?


Mozambican singer Ivo Mahel had announced months ago that he would no longer sing and made clear his withdrawal from music with the following message:


    ” Joking has finished, no more spending on musical productions with no return at all.


And today on November 20, 2020, Ivo Mahel announces his definitive return to the music world.


The artist said that this time the return is definitive, as he is a star and should shine in the world of Mozambican music and beyond.


Remember that Mahel had stopped because, according to him, he was not valued for the excellent work he has done for Mozambican culture, especially music.


Shabba Wonder to Release Album Soon – bowling green metalforming


Mozambican rapper Shaba Wonder will release his first solo album on the market, on a date that will be revealed shortly.


The news was announced by his colleague from the group Trap Boys, also rapper Bander, during a question and answer session on his social network Facebook when questioned by an internet user.


Remember that Wonder recently released a song entitled “Trap Life Story”, which was well received by his audience and expects the same reception when releasing his first “baby”.


Carmen Moro is accused of image exploitation and contractual breaches – bowling green metalforming


Carmen Mouro is accused of image exploitation and contractual breaches

Angolan presenter and businesswoman Carmen Mouro, who has lived in Portugal for about three years, made her debut on Portuguese television with the fashion contest “Tu Consegues com Carmen Mouro”, a program whose objective is to discover top models for the great Portuguese catwalks.


The project created and conceived by him, with the help of the Portuguese channel team, Sic Caras, was, at the beginning, very well received by Angolan, Portuguese and Brazilian competitors, who at first embraced and believed in the challenge, however, for some of them , what seemed to be the beginning of the realization of a dream, is far from happening.


Models from the first edition of the aforementioned program contacted PLATINALINE, in order to publicly expose how “disillusioned” they are for believing in the “infused” promises of the presenter.


Participants Aron Aguiar, Diogo Santana and Marcelly Alexandre complain of exploitation of their image, contractual breaches, in addition to the lack of food and security conditions, while they were confined in a rented house in Aroeira, Lisbon.


After the end of the first season of the show, the models tell that they were promised trips around Europe, aesthetic treatments and job opportunities, so little has been given to them to date. “I spoke to her several times about it, the answer was always that she had travel or personal problems unresolved and she never had time for us, later she started to be rude whenever she received calls from me, now she doesn’t answer the calls anymore”, said the model Brazilian Marcelly Alexandre.


Also model Diogo Santana says that at the time of signing the contract, they were not given the opportunity to copy the contract, not even take a photo. “As soon as the program ended, there was that hope of work. She used our image without receiving anything in return, almost a year has passed and nothing has been done. She also says that the jobs we had after the program were thanks to her, but it’s all a lie.” Affirms the Portuguese model.


However, lawyer Frederico Bolivar, responsible for the case in Portugal, says that at first instance, what is sought is the restoration of this damage in an amicable manner, however, if there is no manifestation by the presenter, a process that makes it criminally responsible, since the three attempts at extrajudicial notification had no effect.


Still on the “absence of food and safety conditions, the models say: “We ate biscuits and cereals”.


In order to listen to both parties, PLATINALINE contacted the presenter’s press office, who presented, as evidence, a receipt for a trip to Porto in the name of model Marcelly, in addition to the transfer receipt in the name of Aron Aguiar, however, the model claims that the aforementioned trip is just one of several promises made by Carmen Mouro. “Of all the prizes she offered, she only gave this trip to Porto and the photo book, there was no trip to Milan, breast surgery, work and taking care of my teeth, that she didn’t do”, she guaranteed.


The consultancy acknowledges that a physical contract has not been signed, however, it guarantees that the program’s awards were all delivered.

By Volarex