Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Small business has always had their ups and downs. Innovations in a small business can make a massive trend in society. Thus, it can be beneficial. The food truck is one of the small businesses in the food industry that have become a booming trend in society. The food truck is also a timeless business. There will always be food trucks selling various meals, snacks, and beverages everywhere. Here, we are going to discuss the advantage and disadvantages of doing a small business by opening a food truck.

The Advantages of Food Truck

There are many advantages that small businesses in the food industry can offer. The food industry has a wide selection. There are countless types of foods you can sell. It is also inevitable since people cannot separate themselves from food. It is a sustainer for life, as well as a lifestyle. A trending food can be famous since every person will purchase them to be part of the trend. Some specific food can also elevate your self-esteem and get into a social class.


The food truck is a medium for entrepreneurs to sell their food products. Hence, owning a food truck can benefit them from selling the food. It means that food truck provides the necessity of the people. Moreover, when the food you sell becomes trending, you can get a lot of customers buying meals from your food truck. Owning a food truck also means that you are flexible. You can move anywhere to find a new selling spot. You can even move to some concerts or events where crowds are gathering. Setting a food truck in those crowded places can generate lots of revenue. You can promote your food truck business by creating a social media account. You can advertise the food that you sell to attract people. You can also update the customers by posting your schedule or your current location. When you post your upcoming destinations and places that you will visit, you will make your customer anticipate for the moment. They will swarm your food truck on the D-day after knowing the schedule beforehand. You can also make some innovations on your menu such as a limited item menu. The limited item menu can vary depending on the signature dish of the place that you are visiting. It can be an attracting point that enthusiast the customers. Owning a food truck also does not require massive cleaning. You need to keep cleaning the food truck regularly to ease the regular cleaning period. Cleaning a food truck is also not as tiring as cleaning a restaurant. You can also customize your food truck by painting or decorating it. It is easily done in a food truck compared to customizing and decorating a restaurant.

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The Disadvantageous of Food Truck

One of the disadvantages of owning a food truck is it may be complicated to take care of the permit. There are documents, inspections, and so on that, you need to pass to start selling food on the truck. The permit also includes your license for selling food. Some regions also have regular zoning laws that differ from other places. Some zoning laws may forbid you to park and sell the food using the food truck. Hence, it may be hard to find a place to park and start selling

food. Having an unsettled location for selling can become a bother for owning a food truck. It is indeed flexible to be able to sell to various places and move around. However, having an impermanent location means that you will not have any long-term regular customers. Regular customers are important since they dedicate themselves to your products. In return, they like to promote your business to friends or social media. Moreover, it may cost a lot of money when

you need to customize your food truck like repainting them and such. There are also some expenses you need to spend on repairing and maintaining your truck. The food truck is easy to clean, but it is too small to move around. The food truck cannot contain many people; hence, you can only do your business with a few people. With few people on the food truck, you need to juggle many things including driving, grocery shopping for the ingredients, cooking and preparing the foods, cleaning, and finally selling. It can be very exhausting.

Owning a food truck has many advantages and disadvantages. Yet, the food truck is still a good idea for you to start a small business in the food industry. It can be a promising start and research. You will find out how your product sold in each region and the enthusiasm of the customers. It can be very helpful when you are finally able to open a permanent restaurant or shop in the future and do the expansion. When you have a permanent shop, you can still hire people to open the food truck for various events. Therefore, you can generate double income. Owning a food truck is worth trying for you who want to start a small business in the food industry.

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By Jessie