Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

New employees are an exciting thing for any company because they can mean the difference between success and failure on a massive scale.  Although you should ensure all employees are thoroughly trained and well cared for, it’s never too late to start fresh with a new training plan.

Start With a Warm Welcome

What is onboarding?  Put simply; it’s the best way to ensure your employees have the chance to succeed in your company.  Not only does it give them the tools they’ll need to be awesome employees, but it also offers them the opportunity to set a great path for themselves in the company.

Welcome every employee like they could be a future CEO of the company.  Let them know how appreciated, how valued they are by the company already, and how much everyone is looking forward to having their help.  This may seem overboard, but allowing them to feel welcome will help them want to stay and feel attached to the company.

Give Them An In-House Mentor

Don’t let employees do this alone!  Give them someone they can talk to that understands what they’ve been through and what’s expected of them, for some that can look like an in-house mentor.  These mentors will walk them through the bigger questions and help them hit the sales floor running.

Be Clear on Policies and Rules

Make rules, policies, and guidelines extremely clear.  Let employees know if something is going overboard or hazardous to them and their coworkers.  Make it clear what happens if someone breaks a rule and how your company handles things like tardies and absences.

5 Effective Tips for Onboarding Remote Employees

Ensure They Have the Equipment They Need

The most important part of onboarding is ensuring their setup is compatible with the company’s needs.  This may mean having to run internet speed tests, asking them what operating system they have, and even checking to see if they’re hardwired to their internet source or if they’re using WIFI.  If your company can, offer upgrades in technology once they reach the 90-day mark if it’s something that will ensure they’ll do the job needed.

You don’t have to buy every employee a new computer, but helping them upgrade their modem or get them hardwired into their internet can be a great way to invest in their future within the company.

Follow Any Advice From Current Employees

Your current employees have been through your training before and are invaluable when deciding on how to train your new employees.  Ask them if there’s anything they want to be changed, and listen.  Their advice may be the difference between a new employee making it to the 90-day mark or quitting far too early.  If anyone leaves while in training, ask them why and hold an exit interview the same way you would if someone left after being with the company for ten years.

Every Company Needs Great Employees to Succeed

Whether your company sells doors or entire corporate buildings, it’s up to your employees to ensure you succeed.  Please give them the tools they need, and show them how their impact makes a difference.

By Jessie